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Here at Newsbuddy360, we are committed to delivering the hottest and updated news on Latest Scholarships, Health, Jobs, Technology, Fashion etc.

Here is a little breakdown of what we offer:

Education/Latest Scholarships:

It is no news that a lot of people aspire to school in foreign countries, but do not get to fulfill this dream because of fees. Education abroad is honestly very expensive. Because of this problem people have, newsbuddy360 is committed to keeping you updated on current scholarship offers and bringing you educational news from all over the world. This is to ensure that all our subscribers whom we love so much that wants to further their studies in top schools abroad but need assistance with the fees can achieve their dreams.


Newsbuddy 360 is also committed to bringing you updated news on current job offers all over the world. You need not worry anymore on where to start from when looking for job. We take the stress off you. All you need to do is read our fresh job news in details and apply.


Health they say is wealth. Newsbuddy360 is committed bringing you fresh news on health. Your health is of utmost importance to us. We ensure you stay updated on how to care for your health.


Hello 21st century. Tech is currently the new kid in the block. Newsbuddy360 ensures you stay updated on all things tech. We make sure you are the first to know the latest tech upgrades and what is currently in the market. Also drop answers to your confusion on tech issues or refer you to trusted dealers that will sort your issues for you.


Lastly, is Fashion. Fashion is the new name for this generation. Everyone wants to stay trendy. Newsbuddy360 brings you update on latest fashion trends and fashion news. With us, you will never go wrong anymore with your fashion styles.

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