How to Clean The V_gina after s*x

Cleaning the v_agina after sex is the desire of every s_xually active female. This is because of the awareness of something foereign and sticky  in your body. We get loads of mails from our female subscribers who want to know how they can clean their vagina after sex. A lot of people complain that they feel so messy after s_x.  Some on the other hand like the slippery juice of the sperm on them after sex. But majority want to know how to clean their vagin_s after s_x.

We will love to start this guide on how to clean your vagina after sex by saying that you ordinarily DO NOT need to clean the vagina at all. The female privates was designed to self clean itself. The vag_na cleans itself by discharge. When you see a vaginal discharge, it simply means your vagin_ just had a bath and took off the unwated things like semen, lube, bacterias etc in your privates.

However, it is still not out of place to clean your vagina after sex. You need that refreshing feeling.  Here are a few things you can do if you want to clean your vagina after sex:

Pee After S_x:

The first thing you do after sex to clean up your vagi_a is to pee. Peeing helps in taking off the sex juices  you may have accumulated in your body during sex. So if you don’t enjoy that squelchy feeling that comes from having lots of lube and semen up in there, peeing (and letting gravity help you out over the toilet) is a great way to deal with that. You can also use a bidet (like the Tushy) to get up in there a bit more for a deeper, squeakier clean. Peeing also cleans out your urinary tract and helps prevent Urinary tract infections. During love making, bacterias can end up in your urethra. So it is best to quickly pee off and wash out any wayward bacteria lurking around in your body.

Take a Shower:

After peeing, your next step to cleaning your vagin_ after sex is to take a shower. Clean your vagin_ with only water while you shower. Do not use scented soap to clean your vagina. Scented soaps conatin chemicals that are bad for your body. Scented/perfumed soaps and body washes have chemicals that can cause you yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis. If you must use a soap, use scented free soaps.

Wash off Anal/Vaginal Cross-Contamination:

While nothing that comes out of a penis can hurt your vagina (both semen — and yes, even urine — are totally fine to end up there), the same is not true of poop. If you’re engaging in anal sex, the reality is that butt stuff can end up places you didn’t intend it to. Getting your own poop germs into your vagina can cause a UTI (which is why you should always wipe front to back), and this is also the case with someone else poop germs.

So if you think you’ve been in a situation where this might have happened, definitely pee afterwards — and this would be a good time to sponge off with some gentle soap, just to make sure you get any germs far away.

Dry your Vulva and Labia:

Afte taking a shower, dry up your vulva and labia. One of the best ways  of cleaning your vagina, is by leaving it dry. If you are prone to yeast infections; please ensure that your vagina stays dry always. Your vagina is happiest and healthiest when it’s dry. In contrast, yeast (which lives in your vagina all the time, along with a number of other healthy bacteria) likes warm, wet places. The fact of the matter is that your vagina is always going to be warm, so you have to help it out by not leaving it super-wet. Keeping your vagina dry helps prevent a yeast infection, so that you don’t end up itchy as hell with clumpy vaginal discharge. Sex leaves you wet and gummy, so you need to dry off properly.

Wear Cotton Panties:

One of the best ways to keep your vagina clean and fresh after sex is to wear cotton panties after cleaning up your vagina. If your body is prone to yeast infections, this is so important for you. It will help you stay dry and absorb whatever that is left, that way your body doesn’t brood yeasts.

Nonetheless, not minding how messy sex makes you feel, it is not medically dangerous to the human body. So it is upto you to choose to clean up or not. If you don’t feel messy after sex, you are not obliged to follow this article. Not cleaning up doesn’t mean you are close to danger. But it is quite advisable to clean up your vagina after sex, so as to feel  fresh and clean.

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