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Best Way to Avoid Motorcycle Accidents Abroad

Motorcycle accidents is one of the most unavoidable things abroad.

A study abroad program is one of the best opportunities for an adventurous student to try on new things and have a little fun. A student may choose to ditch car rides or trains on some days and want to go mobile on a motorcycle. Believe me it is fun and interesting being in motion with the cool breeze on your bare skin and vision of the beautiful city clearer. However we cant rule out some unforeseen dangers (accidents ) that occurs in our daily lives. So yes; it is quite dangerous when a motorcycle accident occurs unlike car accidents. Motorcycle accidents crashes in on you directly, unlike car accidents that damages the car first before you. In this article we will enlighten you as a foreign student on how to avoid a motorcycle accident in case you want to go on a motorcycle ride:


a) Dress in Motorcycle safety Gears:


Please never pick up a motorcycle to ride without your safety gears. Safety gears keep you well protected when there is a motorcycle accident. The safety gears are: Armor vest, Back protector, Helmet, Elbow guards, Knee Guards, Armor elbow, sliders, protection Jacket etc. These safety gears will keep you safe when there is a motorcycle accident. They are like your air bags in a car and are very very important.


b) Check in on Road Hazards:

Never go on a motorcycle ride without checking up on likable road hazards on the route you want to pass. Hazards lie Debris, Rail Road tracks, Uneven Pavement, Oil Slicks, Ruts etc may be nothing to a Car, but can cause a major motorcycle accident for motorcycle riders.


c) Get your eye sights in check:

Never go on a motorcycle ride without getting your eye sights properly checked up. This is because motorcycle make smaller visual targets while in motion; unlike cars where you are more relaxed and can see almost everything properly. Bad eye sight could lead to a motorcycle accident and will leave you badly injured.


d) Don’t over speed:

Never go beyond your speed limit while riding on a motorcycle. This is because a motorcycle wobbles while in motion and you may loose control of it when you are on a high speed which will eventually lead to a motorcycle accident.


e) Be skilled:

Never pick up a motorcycle to ride if you are not a skilled rider. Motorcycle requires much more skill and physical cordination to operate than a car. One of the most common causes of motorcycle accidents is lack of basic riding skill. Your safety is in your hands here!


f) Check in with a motorcycle Accident Attorney:

Never go on a motorcycle ride without checking in with a motorcycle accident attorney. A motorcycle accident attorney will guide you on all you need to know about motorcycle riding, enlighten you on how the law works around there and guidelines on what to do when there is a motorcycle accident. However; if you cannot afford the services of a motorcycle Accident Attorney; check out article on what to do when there is a car Accident or Motorcycle Accident Overseas.


g) Insure your Motorcycle:

Please don’t ride on any motorcycle that is not insured! Insuring your properties comes with loads of benefits. If you insure your motorcycle and a motorcycle accident occurs with no fault of yours; chances are that you will get a new one back from the insurance company or assistance on damage fees depending on the circumstances of what happened. Please don’t joke with this. Very IMPORTANT!


We wish you all the best in your study abroad program! Stay safe please!




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