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Easy Way To Get Job After School

Getting Job is the dream of every student in their last year in the University. Also getting job is not just any job, but their dream jobs with attractive slalaries. Unfortunately, many get disappointed and frustrated after graduation when they cannot get the good jobs they anticipated. Getting jobs in our today’s world is not as easy as it was before when the competition was low.


The labour market of today is very tough especially for young graduates. Everyone is struggling for survival, both old and young. The most painful part is this era of request of experience by employers. This has turned many young graduates suicidal because they can barely take care of their essential needs due to the recent worldwide harsh economies. Worry no more. Getting that dream job is still very possible.


Here are some nice tips that could help you get your dream jobs when you are done with school:


1) Make plans from your second year in University:


Once the euphoria of your first year joys wears off, you start planning for getting job after school! You don’t wait till you graduate before you start looking beyond university to figure out lucrative jobs that fall in line with your passions and capabilities and start working on them.


2) Get Holiday Jobs:


Once high school is over, you have to actively start planning for your life. You don’t spend all holidays camping and visiting friends. You get holiday jobs. This is your first resume boost. It is advisable to get jobs that fall in line with your life plans. Be smart not to come in with requests for salaries. Make it seem you are volunteering. With that, good companies won’t turn you down as you are no liability on them. They would be glad to mentor you more.


3) Reasonable student Networking:


It is very important to start good networking while in school. Connect well (formal) with customers who come to your office of volunteer during Holiday period. Get their contacts and reach out once in a while to know if they are satisfied with the services offered to them. Attend functions where you meet dignitaries in your line of profession. Be warm and nice. Do not be desperate about it or sell yourself as a sex object because you may end up being only that (sex object) to them. Let them see your intelligence*! This will wow them about you and many more. Just be yourself, but connect! Connection goes a long way in helping students get job after school.


4) Good Grades:


This is the number one reason you were sent to school. If you must get a good job after school, endeavor to study hard and land good grades while in school. Trust me, every employer wants the smartest kids in their company. Good grades also opens doors for good scholarships.


5) Write Good C Vs:


Once you are out of school, your CV becomes your first identity as a job seeker. Make sure you get your CV right. It is best to make your CV fall in line with every job you are applying for. Don’t duplicate and send something general to all employers. That is your number one red flag! You must make every company know you put in a little work to know about them before sending in your CV. Don’t ever sell yourself as lazy. Endeavour to mention ALL your work experience (especially the ones you acquired during Holiday time), no matter how stupid you think the work was. Find a way to make the company see that experience as an asset for their company.


6) Be Presentable/ Dress Responsibly:

It is best to bear in mind that there are many people out there who are like you and are struggling for the same position with you. Your appearance always speaks for you if you are striving to get a job. You don’t show up for an interview looking too casual, dirty, razz, unkempt etc. Your haircut/hair style must be moderate and not too flashy. Avoid unnecessary piercings and tattoos in visible parts of your body; they make you look un serious. Also make sure your clothes are neatly ironed. Your first impression at job interviews matters a lot.


7) Always appear smart:

When you come for job interviews, your smartness is your first step to a win. Smartness doesn’t equal impatience or cutting into words when your interviewer is speaking. Smartness equals speaking good English fluently, maintain eye contact when speaking (not seduction), intelligent answers to questions asked and making sure you highlight on what they stand to gain if they have someone like you in their company. To get this point 7 right, practicing before your mirror or trusted friend/family will help you a lot before your interview day. To get a good job, you need a high dose of self confidence.


8) Do More Volunteer Jobs:

To cover more experiences that you will write in your CV for big jobs, do more volunteer jobs after graduation! If you never did any of the things listed in step 1-4 while in school, all hopes are not lost. Start yours at this stage. Volunteer jobs is one of the best sells to land you your dream job with time. Always have in mind that many people love to mentor*; take advantage of that and learn!

9) Stay Positive:

When looking to get job, it is advisable to always stay positive! You don’t kill yourself when you don’t get called back by a company you attended their interview. Always remember there are other people like you seeking the same job; so be hopeful always that yours will come tomorrow! Never ever give up on yourself!


10) Make a plan B:

Finally, it is always good to give room in your heart for a plan B. Plan B usually boils down to self-employment! When those big companies you dream about are not calling you back with a job offer, employ yourself. Start with whatever you have and wherever you are. Look into the market where you are and figure out what is in demand by people that fall close to your passion. Build up something on it and sell out. Just be creative! Give it your best, believe in you and pray to whatever you believe in always; with time, it will surely pay you well.


Life truly is tough out there, but there is room for EVERYONE! Never lose hope or back out because everyone is struggling like you. Just be YOU and trust that you will get that good job you want. Good luck!


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