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What To Do When There Is A Car Accident Abroad

Car Accidents are one of the unforeseen occurrences that happen everywhere in the world. If you are planning a study abroad program, it is very advisable to know what to do when there is a car accident during your time overseas, it is not going to be all about books; you will be living your normal life there too. In this article, we will be talking about car accidents abroad.

Students who study overseas run into lots of problems during their cause of study that sometimes end them in jail or ends their study abruptly! This experience isn’t nice as education oversea is expensive and being sent home before you finish your study abroad program is bad; it doesn’t matter to the authorities that you are on scholarship either. Once you break the law, you face the law. In this article, we will be talking about car accidents.

As a foreign student abroad, please never pick up a car or motorcycle to drive if you don’t have an International Driver’s License and Complete legitimate Identification documents in your wallet. Also, make sure the car you intend to drive is fully insured.

When you have a car accident overseas e.g in California here is what you have to do:

1) DO NOT Run:

You must stop. If you do not stop when there is a car accident; it will be assumed you were at fault and you will be charged for hit and run.

2) If it was a parked car or property that you hit; find out the owner of the property or car and exchange contacts. Do not assert any blames until you speak with your insurance company or a Car Accident lawyer.

3) If the car accident caused a death or injury; give reasonable help immediately! If the person needs medical assistance (first aid) and you are not trained on that, do not attempt to move the person to avoid causing more damage; however if the person is in a dangerous place (possible flare up by fuel or diesel) move the person.

4) Call 911 immediately! Let them know there has been a car accident. Explain the situation and give them the exact location of the car accident so that help can arrive quickly.

5) Call the police

6) Warn other motorists that there has been a car accident by placing flares on the road or turning on your car hazard light.

7) Once help arrives for the car accident victim; get a pen and paper gather necessary information at the car accident scene. The information you need at a car accident scene are:

The other drivers details (home and work address, Phone number, plate number, car model), Law officers details at the car accident scene, a sketch of the cars involved in the accident, car accident date and time, weather, witnesses at the car accident scene (if they refuse to give details, copy their plate number) etc.

8) The Police officer will interrogate you! Please, be careful with what you say as anything you say will be used against you at the law court! You don’t need to tell a lie, but don’t make remarks that may implicate you! It doesn’t matter if you feel you were at fault; it is the job of your insurance company and an accident lawyer to decide. Just give them facts and talk less.

9) If you are given a ticket by the police officer after a car accident, sign it. It has nothing to do with your guilt or innocence. You are only promising to appear in court to contest the ticket or pay if you wish. This is because the officer is within the law e.g California to arrest you if you refuse to sign.

10) Your next and final step is to contact a personal injury lawyer. Note that you cannot handle this on your own. Accident lawyers are well trained and will guide you better. Click >>> how to get a car accident injury attorney overseas and read our detailed guide on this!


We wish you all the best! Please avoid driving while drunk*…

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